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We secure safe water for all life


Is a privately held company, founded in 2013, as a manufacturer of water disinfectants with biofilm removing power.

Over the years, a complete range of water disinfection products had been developed, which made it possible to offer specific solutions to the different sectors; agriculture, industry and hospitality.

As of 2017, additional technological developments strengthened the company, with the development of the fully automatic 'EasyDis unit', which produces water disinfectants in-situ, based on concentrates.

On top of this automation step, in 2019, smart technology and remote monitoring was added to our devices. Since that moment, we can ensure that the required water treatment is carried out correctly and in a continuous way.

In 2022, the company introduced some new monitoring tools, ready for international expansion with more different water treatment technologies for an optimal sector-specific offering.


Disinfection of process water in breweries
Safe drinking water animals - livestock - poultry - farms - swine - cows
Legionella management
Disinfection of RO water - proces water - Pseudomonas control - Konax
water disinfection slaughterhouse - carcas disinfection - disinfection proces water in food industry - chlorine dioxide
Legionella in fonteinen - Legionella in fountains - Legionellen in Springbrunnen - Légionelles dans les fontaines
Drinking water disinfection humans - hospitals - elderly homes - Konax
Disinfection of drinking water for cow - safe drinking water cows - chlorine dioxide in drinking water

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