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Cooling water

Industrial cooling towers and chilled water systems

Optimal water treatment

is of great importance for the reliable functioning of cooling towers and cooling water systems. With the right water composition and treatment, the pre-set efficiency is achieved, the service life of the installation increased and maintenance costs kept low.

Focus on public health:

In these cooling water systems, the water mostly has a temperature between 25 and 60°C, which is ideal for the development of microorganisms, such as algae and Legionella. 

Focus on the installation:

As a result of evaporation and (splash) losses in cooling and heating systems, extra water is added (suppletion water). Without a correct treatment, there are 2 main risks for the installation:

  • corrosion in the tubes and heat exchanger units

  • Scaling in pipes and (mainly) in heat exchangers

See below our approach to keep the heat transfer in your system optimal, while reducing the environmental impact, the water consumption and the risk of Legionella contamination.



Prodis Controller 

With the KONAX Prodis, we treat and monitor the water with the right combination of sustainable additives, disinfectant and dosing systems.

The KONAX Prodis with its built-in controller has the ability to monitor up to 8 values and control processes based on these values.  In addition, all values are logged and can be consulted by the operator or the Konax service team. All messages, alarms and relevant data are available via our personalized 'KONAX IoT' platform, and can be consulted from a PC or smartphone. 

Our service package guarantees a continuous optimal operation of your cooling tower.

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