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Legionella management

Legionella management and monitoring

Thermal disinfection and flushing...

For many years, It worked fine, but at some point the measured legionella values keep on rising and the problem is no longer under control.

Look familiar?

We hear it often and here is the logical explanation. Legionella does not only float around in the water, it grows and is protected by the biofilm, which is on the inside of the water tubes.

Similar problems with biofilm formation and Legionella growth are found in cold water tubes. If the temperature of the cold water (system) regularly exceeds 20°C, there is an accelerated growth of biofilm in the entire water system, which makes Legionella develop in abundance. 

When the Best Available Techniques and the traditional approach of thermal disinfection and flushing no longer work, water disinfection, approved by the 'Health and Safety Agency’', is the only way out.

Possible Solutions

  1. Continuous Legionella control, monitoring and servitisation

  2. One-off shock treatment


Continuous Legionella control on the hot and/or cold water network.

With the 'KONAX Easydis' and 'KONAX Connector', we focus on real-time, on-line monitoring and adjustment of the water treatments, related to legionella control. Thanks to this approach, as a customer you are assured of an effective solution to the legionella problem, optimal transparency, communication and reporting.

Our various solutions, such as automatic flushing, UV and/or ultrasonic treatments, with or without chemical adjustment, are combined and implemented according to the specific needs.

Monitoring, adjustment and communication with fully automatic unit: 'KONAX Easydis':

  • Approved as an alternative management measure by ‘the Health and Safety Agency’’

  • Eliminating and preventing biofilm

  • Controlling Legionella levels in both cold and hot water systems

  • With approvals for continuous use in drinking water (PT5 registration)


One-time shock treatments (disinfection and cleaning) of the entire water circuit: 

  • kill legionella and remove biofilm

  • Approved biocides with PT4 and PT5 registration

  • with own technical team

  • Legionella analysis possible before and after the intervention

The reason why our approach is so effective against persistent Legionella infections is because our products, in contrast to chlorine, do break down the biofilm. KONAX First and Diox Forte remain in solution as a dissolved gas, do not react with water, but penetrate the biofilm to kill off the Legionella bacteria.

Why do customers select our approach for legionella control?

  • Proven effective legionella control in both cold and hot water (Approved as an alternative control measure by the Health and Safety Agency).

  • No heavy metals, safe for humans and the environment.

  • Sustainable: both immediate approach and long-term solutions.

  • Cost-effective: solving the problems is always cheaper than using stopgap measures (better results lead to less frequent analyses, as well as savings on energy and water wastage).

In short: our approach focuses on unburdening our customers completely, so they can focus their core tasks.

Which type of customers make use of our solutions?

healthcare sector, schools (boarding schools), hotels, sports centres, etc.



Servitisation - We take care!


Thanks to the 'KONAX Easydis' approach, both the customer and ourselves are kept informed of the proper functioning of the legionella prevention programme.

All messages, alarms and relevant data are available via our personalized 'KONAX IoT' platform, and can be consulted from a PC or smartphone.


We do everything possible, to guarantee the continuity of the selected legionella management programme. Solving legionella problems is our core business, not yours.



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