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Water as a crucial nutrient

Water quality

Water quality and the related management of the water system that supplies the plants with water are essential for optimal production results. Water is a crucial nutrient but also the perfect carrier for pathogens. So the main challenge is to make the right decisions in controlling and optimising water quality. 

In order to obtain microbiologically safe water for the plants, there is a need for a combined action of powerful disinfection and effective biofilm removal along the entire length of the lines.


Our solutions:

  • Shock treatment: With a one-time cleaning and disinfection of the water tubes, using Diox Forte or Farnax Forte the biofilm is removed and the pipes are microbiologically reset. The reason why Farnax Forte is so effective against biofilm is because it exists in solution as a dissolved gas; it does not react with water, but penetrates the biofilm to kill off the germs. 
  • Continuous disinfection and biofilm prevention of the irrigation water, at the entering of the greenhouse. Several independent studies have shown that products based on chlorine dioxide, such as Farnax Forte and Farnax Green, are the most efficient way (low doses) of disinfecting irrigation and drain water and thus achieving a safe, balanced water quality. 

Simple or fully automatic

Here we offer several possibilities, depending on company type/management level: 

  • Dosing with a simple dosing unit and the corresponding monitoring module 'KONAX Connector', to monitor and guarantee continuity

  • Dosing, monitoring and communication with fully automatic unit: 'KONAX Hortidos':

    • Automatic water disinfection, supported by data-controlled technology and measuring various parameters.

    • Possible to alternately dose and monitor different products.

    • All information is available via our personalised 'KONAX IoT' platform, and can be consulted from a PC or smartphone.

    • Produces its own disinfectant product based on raw materials.


Remote monitoring


Via the 'KONAX Connector' or the 'KONAX IOT' platform, the manual dosage and the fully automatic 'KONAX Hortidos' are monitored remotely. This monitoring ensures that the horticulturist knows at any time that the water disinfection and other water treatments are proceeding correctly.  In addition to guaranteeing the continuity of all water treatments, data on water and product consumption are recorded.



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