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Microbiologically safe water

Microbiologically safe water

The microbiological contamination of water has two main causes.  On the one hand, there is the microbiological quality of the water source itself (e.g. rainwater contains more microorganisms than city water) and, on the other hand, there is the release of microorganisms through the biofilm in the tubes.

Many bacteria are relatively easy to kill, but have the property of settling in the biofilm. This biofilm is both the breeding ground of micro-organisms and the protection against external attacks of traditional disinfection products such as chlorine and peroxides.  

The biofilm is a matrix structure of adhering pollution and bacteria in the tubes. It consists of polymeric substances produced by aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, fungi and algae. This protective environment is perfect for microorganisms to grow and multiplicate. 

Formation of biofilm, something that only happens when using alternative sources such as rain water or well water? 

Not at all! 

In every type of water there is some 'life' and/or minerals. Wherever there is water, there is a risk of deposits on the inside of water tubes, tanks,.... The speed at which the biofilm builds up depends on the circumstances such as water consumption, temperature, used materials in the water system, standstill,...

Persistent problems with (drinking) water quality, high concentrations of bacteria such as Legionella or Pseudomonas, uncontrollable quantities of E-coli, are typical examples of biofilm-related problems.

In many cases, these problems suddenly appear after many years of successful treatment with the traditional approach of flushing, chlorine (and chlorine-like products) or hydrogen peroxide... 

Looks Familiar?

It is key to tackle the root of the problems. Our approach with a combination of technology, monitoring and products has the ability to tackle the biofilm and related microorganisms. That’s our expertise, both curative and preventative.

How do we do it in practice? 

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