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Sustainable water use in industry

The use of process water is under pressure.  Reuse of water and the use of multiple water sources is getting more and more the standard.  In both cases, adequate disinfection is a key-point.

Konax has the know-how, several technologies and products to disinfect different types of process water with a minimal use of chemicals and optimal results.

Central in the approach is the residual effect throughout the entire circuit to prevent or remediate biofilm formation.

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Safe cooling water

The treatment of cooling water has a dual purpose.

1.  adapting the water quality in order the installation is protected against corrosion and scaling, and so to ensure a long service life and high performance.  

2. preventing the adhesion and growth of Legionella bacteria, which cause serious risks for the people living in the surrounding area.

With our Konax Prodis and built-in controller, we treat the water and can monitor up to 8 different values, such as pH, ORP, temperature, conductivity, alkalinity,...


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The fact that water is the most important nutrient to keep animals healty and plays a crucial role in feed conversion and growth, is more and more recognised as basic knowledge. However, water is also the perfect carrier for transmitting pathogenic germs and resistant bacteria and viruses to the animals. 

Despite good water quality at the water source, it often happens that water at the drinking nipple or drinking bowl is contaminated. The cause of the contamination is the presence of a biofilm in the drinking lines. 

In order to obtain biosafe water, we offer a combined approach of powerful disinfection and effective biofilm removal along the entire length of the lines.

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It is common knowledge that water is the most important nutrient and plays a crucial role in plant development and growth. Despite good water quality at the source of the, it often happens that water at the nozzles near the plants is contaminated with microorganisms. 

The cause of the (re)contamination is the presence of a biofilm in the water lines. Biofilm acts as a persistent reservoir of germs and is not or insufficiently removed by disinfectants such as chlorine, ozone or hydrogen peroxide.

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Legionella management

Thermal disinfection and flushing...?

For many years, It can work, but at some point the measured legionella values keep on rising and the problem is no longer under control.

Here is the logical explanation: legionella does not only float around in the water, it grows and is protected by the biofilm, which is on the inside of the water tubes. 

This biofilm is very persistent and is the source of continuous contamination.  Our solutions are aimed at eliminating this biofilm.

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