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Specialist in water disinfection with online monitoring
What do we mean by monitoring?

By monitoring, we mean "continuous supervision". A monitoring system is a system that continuously supervises a particular application or process. Incoming information (data) is observed and, if necessary, situations that require intervention are alerted. By using a monitoring system, you continuously monitor your application, allowing you to improve the quality of the process.

Why monitor water disinfection continuously?

Obtaining safe water and biofilm-free water lines is much more complex than just choosing an effective water disinfectant. Everything depends on correct application, dosage and, above all, ensuring that the treatment is not interrupted.

To be sure of safe and healthy drinking water for humans or animals, sporadic sampling and bacteriological water analyses are usually relied upon.

Bacteriological lab analyses to check water quality are not conducted on a daily or weekly basis. As a result, deviations in water quality are not noticed until there are already quality problems (with the finished product) or health complaints are reported (sometimes with fatal results) and it is therefore already too late.... 

Yet it can be done differently.

Thanks to continuous monitoring of drinking water treatment installations, interruptions are reported immediately.

  • By monitoring a number of well-chosen parameters online, it can be deduced whether the (drinking) water quality is satisfactory at any time. 
  • Continuous automatic monitoring of water consumption also ensures that leaks are quickly detected. A sudden and unexplained drop in water consumption can be an indication of a problem with the pipe system (clogging or unwanted shut-off) or a problem with the user (e.g. illness).

Continuous monitoring provides a guarantee for the correct operation of the automatic water treatment installations. Thanks to built-in alarms and timely notification of abnormal values, adjustments can be made quickly, either automatically or manually.

An online and real-time monitoring system is a valuable tool for any company or organization that wants to improve its water quality and keep it at a constant level.

Specialist in monitoring of waterdisinfection and physical water parameters

Konax, which is specialized in water disinfection, also develops and installs online and real-time monitoring systems. Thanks to these automatic monitoring systems, all stakeholders (customers and local installation partner with the support of Konax) can monitor water treatments with the fully automated water disinfection units (Konax Easydis - Konax Prodis - Konax Agridos) at any time.

Digitale tweeling (digital twin) Konax Easydis - Prodis - Agridos

Our systems are continuously monitored and the data are available in a user-friendly dashboard on the computer and/or via our Konax-APP on the smartphone.

We help companies and building owners in various sectors throughout Europe and beyond, to improve their water quality. We do this through a combined approach of different water disinfection techniques and online follow-up (online & real time monitoring). 

Via a 'digital twin' the Konax installations (Easydis - Prodis - Agridos) are continuously monitored. Data are collected to predict what is happening with the water treatments and installations. This prevents problems and avoids treatment interruptions and downtime.

Guarantee of continuity through monitoring

Disinfection of process water, industrial water, drinking water for humans and animals or applying legionella treatment on shower water is done for a reason.

To ensure that disinfection and treatment is always applied correctly, our Konax installations are equipped with an online and real-time monitoring system.

Our units are equipped with a modem that transmits process data and data on the proper operation of the units to our online monitoring platform

These data are available in a user-friendly dashboard on computer and/ or via our Konax-APP on the smartphone. This allows the customer to see at a glance whether everything is working properly.

Notifications and/or alarms are automatically sent by e-mail to each person involved.

Online monitoring - also for basic water disinfection systems
Konax Connector - online monitoring watertreatments and waterconsumption

Water treatments and water disinfection with Diox Forte or Farnax Plus with basic dosing units can also be monitored online. 

Via the Konax Connector, water-related data and the continuity of the water treatments (water disinfection, biofilm removal, pH correction,...) are monitored.  

The user (customer) receives e-mail notifications regarding product consumption, low and empty notifications and water flow.  Process data are collected and can be downloaded in separate documents for reporting or evaluation.

Thanks to the Konax Connector, companies get the extra service to analyze and optimize both their water treatments and their water consumption. 

This leads to improved efficiency, better water quality, reduced water losses and cost savings.

Disinfection Driven by Data

Process data such as flow rates of different flows of process water, values of inline sensors such as ORP, chlorine dioxide, free chlorine, pH, turbidity, conductivity,... are logged.  The monitoring platform allows to combine different trendings in one graph.  Through these combined graphs, it is easy to evaluate chosen water treatments and if necessary, improve the effectiveness of an application.

All collected information can be exported with a simple mouse click to an Excel or PDF file.

Online monitoring - Konax IoT platform

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