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Process water

Process water in the food and non-food industry

Process water

After years of using tap water, even with extra chlorine, suddenly there are persistent (quality) problems due to contaminated water…? A pseudomonas infection…? 

This sounds familiar to us.

In many cases, the biofilm on the inside of the pipes is the cause. Where a traditional treatment with, for example, chlorine, proves insufficient to keep the pipes clean, we come up with an appropriate, safe and effective solution. Our approach focuses on removing the biofilm and additionally disinfects both the tubes and the water.

In order to have safe water at the points of use, a water disinfection with residual effect throughout the entire water system is essential. Additionally, there should be no effect on the taste and smell of the water and the final products, nor formation of harmful disinfection by-products.

With our approach, we fully comply with these specifications.  


Shock treatment

With a one-time cleaning and disinfection (shock treatment) of the water tubes, using Diox Forte or KONAX Fluid, the pipes are microbiologically reset.  With this approach, we remove both historical contaminations and more recent contaminations that have arisen after a period of non-use.  

This one-time intervention is often followed by a (temporary) post-treatment to prevent recontamination by residual biofilm. The post-treatment can be a combination of different technologies and is carried out at drinking water concentrations, so that the water can be used safely during the production processes.


Continuous disinfection

of the process water. ProKONAX Care and ProKONAX Pure, based on chlorine dioxide, are the most efficient way (at low doses) of disinfecting water to drinking water standards and thus achieving a safe, balanced water quality. Both free bacteria and biofilm are kept under control. Next to chemical disinfection, we also offer other types of disinfection solutions (UV, Ultrasone) which can be combined.

Here we offer several possibilities, depending on the type of business and the water volumes to be treated: 

  • Treatment and dosing with a simple dosing unit, in combination with the monitoring module 'KONAX Connector', to monitor and guarantee continuity

  • Treatment, dosing, monitoring and communication with fully automatic Unit: 'KONAX Prodis

    • Automatic water disinfection, supported by data-driven technology and measurement of various parameters.

    • Can treat and monitor different circuits.

    • Link with in-line sensors, of which all information is available through our personalised 'KONAX IoT' platform and can be consulted from PC or smartphone.

    • Produces its own disinfectants based on raw materials.


Via the 'KONAX Connector' or the 'KONAX IOT' platform, the simple, manual dosing system and the fully automatic 'KONAX Prodis' are monitored remotely. All messages, alarms and relevant data are available via our personalized 'KONAX IoT' platform, and can be consulted from a PC or smartphone.

Thanks to the 'KONAX Prodis’' approach, both the customer and ourselves are kept informed about the continuity of the water treatment and disinfection programme.

We do everything possible, to guarantee the continuity of the selected water treatment programme. Solving bacteriological problems in water is our core business, not yours.


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