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Water as the main nutrient

Continuously biosafe water

Despite good water quality at the water source, it often happens that water at the drinking nipple or drinking bowl is contaminated. The cause of the contamination is the presence of a biofilm in the drinking lines. 

The presence of a biofilm in the water lines also reduces the effectiveness of administered medication. This increases the risk of resistance build-up.

In most cases, the biofilm grows quickly and it is not enough to clean and disinfect the water lines during empty-house periods.. In these cases, the biofilm is a very persistent reservoir of germs which cannot be removed by disinfectants such as chlorine or hydrogen peroxide.

In order to obtain biosafe water, a combination is needed between a powerful disinfection and effective biofilm removal along the entire length of the lines.




  • Cleaning and disinfection of the drinking water system, during empty house periode with Diox Forte. The reason why Diox Forte is so effective against biofilm is because it exists in solution as a dissolved gas; it does not react with water but penetrates the biofilm to kill off the germs.

  • Continuous disinfection of the drinking water during the production cycle. Multiple independent studies have shown that chlorine dioxide based products, such as Diox Forte and FARNAX Alfa, are the most efficient way (low doses) to disinfect drinking water and achieve safe, balanced water quality. Both free bacteria and biofilm are kept under control.

Multiple set-ups

are possible, depending on the farm type, size and management level:

  • Dosing with a simple dosing unit.

  • Dosing with simple dosing unit + monitoring and follow-up by the 'KONAX Connector', to guarantee continuity.

  • Dosing, monitoring and communication with fully automatic unit: 'KONAX Agridos':

    • Automatic water disinfection, supported by data-controlled technology and measurement of various parameters.

    • Can dose and monitor 4 different products (such as disinfection, acidification, medication,...).

    • All information is available via our personalised 'KONAX IoT' platform, and can be consulted from a PC or smartphone.

    • Makes its own disinfection product based on raw materials

Remote Monitoring

Via the 'KONAX Connector' or the 'KONAX IOT' platform, the manual dosage and the fully automatic 'KONAX Agridos' are monitored remotely. This monitoring ensures that the farmer knows at any time that the water disinfection and other water treatments are proceeding correctly.  In addition to guaranteeing the continuity of all water treatments, data on water and product consumption are recorded.



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