Water disinfection in Brewery - disinfection tunnel pasteurizer

Water disinfection in Brewery - disinfection tunnel pasteurizer

Disinfection of tunnel pasteurizer in a brewery

water disinfection brewery

In the brewery, the tunnel pasteurizer is crucial for efficient pasteurization of bottled beverages. Among other things, algae growth increases the risk of clogging of this pasteurizer.This clogging reduces the efficiency of the tunnel pasteurizer and increases the risk of contamination, caused by germ growth. 

This customer asked us to find an affordable, cost-effective solution for disinfection of the tunnel pasteurizer. At a later stage, we were also asked to disinfect the process water. Cost-effectiveness is important as very large volumes of water are required. In addition, the high microbial demands of their process must be met. Continuous, uninterrupted disinfection is a must.

We installed a Konax Prodis, for the first tunnel pasteurizer. The dosing is controlled, based on an ORP measurement. Per tunnel pasteurizer, 3 ORP sensors were placed, which in turn control 3 dosing pumps. This ensures continuous correct dosing. The Konax Prodis is continuously remotely monitored, thanks to its connection to our IoT, on-line platform.

Encouraged by the good results, this setup was copied to the second tunnel pasteurizer. Both systems work smoothly. The efficiency of the tunnel pasteurizer remains high because the algae growth is under control and this with a minimum consumption of chemicals.

Finally, the same installation was connected to the process water, which is now also successfully treated, without significant additional cost. Now three separate waterflows are treated separately by one Konax Prodis. On each circuit, there is a separate, customized dosing, ensuring a profitable efficiency!

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