Treatment of process water

Treatment of process water in a cheese factory

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In this company, Reverse Osmosis (RO) water, coming at the rate of 15 m³ /hour from the thickening of the whey, is stored in a first water tank. As a next step, this water is transferred to a second tank where it is being mixed with 60% city water.

This recovered water is used as cleaning water.

Konax's expertise was called in because the microbial results in the water, after treatment with a conventional HCl-based generator, were not good enough.

To microbially reset the entire system, first a shock disinfection was performed with a mobile disinfection unit. Thanks to this shock disinfection on the entire water supply network, we saw a temporary improvement.

After restarting with their own classical generator, the results got worse again. To solve the problem at the core, a new analysis was made, and critical points were defined. Konax now installed a few semi-automatic dosing systems with continuous injection of Diox Forte at these critical points. Customized dosing at the different points individually, proved to be the solution to ensure safe water quality over the entire site

After a trial period, during which this approach proved its effectiveness, a Konax Prodis was installed. The main advantages of the Konax Prodis are that all critical points are treated separately with this one device only. Another advantage is that both the production and dosing of water disinfectants which are fully automatic are continuously monitored on-line. The on-line follow-up module guarantees accurate dosing and monitoring of the water systems.

By treating the different circuits, separately, we can dose our products low and still guarantee sufficiently powerful disinfection everywhere.  The dosage is thus adjusted according to local needs, resulting in a higher efficacy and lower total chemical consumption. This makes the Konax Prodis much safer and more cost-effective than conventional generators.

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